At Totaalvoetbal Concepts, our goal is to produce players who maximize the functional skills of the game, both physically and mentally, so that they can be brought to bear under the most demanding circumstances. We have assembled a number of free soccer resources that will help elevate your knowledge, whether you a are player, parent or coach.



Tactical Analysis from Rene Maric (@ReneMaric)


   Juego de Posicion (positional play as a tactical concept)

   Half-Space Theory

Rondo Presentation from Kieran Smith (@KieranSmith1)

Rondos – How to use Spain’s Secret Weapon


Advanced Training Methods for Soccer – Christopher Cramer

The Coaching Journey – Paul Cammarata

A Look At The Ajax Academy

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Practicing Perfection by 10,000 Touches

CBC Dutch Touch – Coaching Education

Sports Fitness Advisor: Soccer Speed Training



Below are examples of players we strive to emulate. All of them came through the Dutch developmental approach in its various forms, most directly through De Toekomst of Ajax, or the Ajax-influenced La Masia of FC Barcelona.



Sergio Busquets – Signature Move (V-turn)

Xavi Hernandez- Signature Move (360 turn)

Andres Iniesta/Michael Laudrup – Signature Move (La Croqueta)

Leo Messi – Signature Skill (Feint/Cut)


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