Individually, both Jon and Ken have used these methods to develop talent that uses the international game as its frame of reference. Now, joining forces, they can maximize their impact.

The international game is a crucible of hard work, high-level instruction, and sacrifice. This will be our model.

Note: These videos are for educational purposes only and are property of Totaalvoetbal Concepts or the coaches. 

TVC Block Compilation:

TVC Technical Workout:


We develop players with awareness, technical skill and tactical efficiency. What we do not do is produce players with uselessly flashy skills.  No one can produce a perfect player, but we can produce players who will work toward perfection.

Simplicity, precision, and execution — the great players exhibit these qualities on a daily basis. Repetition and mastery of the fundamentals leads to high-level skill retention under all circumstances. We aim to increase a player’s technical ability, intelligence, and “soccer fitness” — all in the pursuit of footballing excellence.

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